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New products 2017

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ENVIS Application is used for instrument configuration, data acquisition and the data analysis. 

About K M B systems

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Our primary goal is to deliver effective solutions and services for our clients in electric energy generation, distribution and its effective usage. Our instruments and software tools are developed and manufactured in EU with focus on quality, reliability and higher added value. We thrive to be successful in development and in manufacturing of electronic devices for control and measuring applications for electrical energy management and power grid monitoring. Important part of our product portfolio includes components for power factor correction - controllers, thyristor switches and related software. 

History of the company began in 1991 when the association of founders with experience in industrial automatization and electonics was founded. The first project for SCE Decin led our interests towards long-distance monitoring of energy consumption.

In 1992 we transformed into a small business (ltd.). Portable measuring instrument Simon for low-, high- and very-high voltage distribution networks is firstly introduced. We already used the SMD technology in this product already.

Assortment list extended gradually with multi-functional panel meters, HDO monitoring instruments and many other universal devices. In 1999 company developed and presented new award winning and innovative instrument - NOVAR power factor controller.

Since 2002 company has progressively expanded to foreign markets in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Head count and production capacities has grown. Nowadays we focus on R&D in emerging technologies for measuring and controlling of the quality of electrical energy.

Recently we have innovated and complemented the PFC product lines to follow requirements of different markets and added new electronic equipment for transformers. In cooperation with Technical University in Liberec we also assure research capabilities and innovative approach to our customers. In 2009 we have introduced a new line of power quality analyzers for three phase voltage networks SMP/SMPQ.

In 2012 and 2013, we've introduced a new highly accurate meters and analyzers for DIN rail mounting - the SMC and PA 144, followed by compact panel instrument SMY 133 with color LCD screen. On a similar basis in 2013 arises a new three phase NOVAR 26 and then also our high-end class A power quality analyzer and class 0.2S meter ARTIQ 144.

For the years 2015-2017, we've won a grant TH01020327 - Modular system for complex monitoring and management designed for DC and hybrid AC / DC smart grids. With its contribution in these years we will focus on the development of a modular meter, analyzer and an associated software for the increasingly popular DC or combined AC+DC resources, grids and appliances.

The company is certificated by the quality assurance system according to the CSN EN 9001:2001 standard.

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