Clamp-on AC Current Clamp

SPQ-I JCLA clamp-on current probeThe SPQ-I250-3JCLA and SPQ-I250-4JCLA are split core clamp on AC current probes, designed as an optional accessory for our NEMO analyzers. It provides indirect measurement of 3 or 4 currents (L1, L2, L3 and N or L4) in low voltage networks. These probes are designed with three or four clamp-type current transformers assembled to the common housing.

The probe has four remotely switched measuring ranges 250A, 50A, 10A and 2A. The actual range is directly controlled by an analyser through its configuration. Common range is to be configured for L1, L2, L3 channels. Fourth channel (the N or L4) has a separate range setup.

With NEMO portable analysers you can also use the SPQ-I JRF and SPQ-I MFC RCTs.

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