Flexible Rogowski AC Current Clamp probes (RCT)

SPQ-I JRF, MFC RCT current probe with flexible rogowski coils.The SPQ-I MFC and JRF flexible Rogowski current probes are designed as an optional accessory for our portable NEMO power quality analyzers. It provides indirect measurement of 3 or 4 currents (L1, L2 and L3, optionaly N or L4) in low voltage networks.

These probes are designed with the Rogowski coils assembled to a common integrator housing. Each SPQ-I RCT has four remotely switched measuring ranges according to its type: 10/30/100/300 Aac, 30/100/300/1000 Aac, 100/300/1000/3000 Aac a 300/1000/3000/10000 Aac. A common range is configured for L1, L2 and L3 channels. Four-channel types - the 4JRF and 4MFC options - can be optionally configured with different range for its fourth channel (N or L4).

There are two mechanically and electrically distinct types of SPQ-I RCT available: the JRF type with push-pull lock and the MFC type with bayonet lock. Both types are also provided in various lengths of probes for different end-user applications.

SPQ-I JCLA clamp-on current probe can also be used with our portable power quality analysers.

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