ENVIS ver. 1.0

ENVIS Software

ENVIS 1.0 is an older release of our software and it has been replaced by newer ENVIS 1.1. The 1.1 version is intended for all new projects, whereas the older 1.0 is provided as is for the reference and installed instruments.

ENVIS software is a solution for evaluation and supervision of power quality monitoring and energy efficiency data records. It retrieves, stores and serves the recorded information  from the supported measuring instruments and analyzers to its various users. ENVIS is a basic tool for configuration, management and data acquisition. Data are archived into a compressed CEA file or into the SQL database. For further manual processing in spreadsheet software such as EXCEL it can be exported to its standard format (XML, CSV). The software also provides on-line presentation of the actual device status and allows for simple and comfortable visualization and analysis of the archived historical data.