ENVIS ver. 1.1

ENVIS Software

ENVIS software is a solution for evaluation and supervision of power quality monitoring and energy efficiency data records. It retrieves, stores and serves the recorded information  from the supported measuring instruments and analyzers to its various users.

ENVIS.Daq is a basic tool for configuration, management and data acquisition. Data are archived into a compressed CEA file or into the SQL database. For further manual processing in spreadsheet software such as EXCEL it can be exported to its standard format (XML, CSV).

This version only supports older types of our instruments. You are advised to use the most actual release for new projects.




Standalone ENVIS.Daq

This package contains only standalone version of ENVIS.Daq. It is intended for less capable computers where the full application suite would be too demanding. The package does not need to be installed but it requires certain dependencies such as an actual .NET runtime and SQl Simple Management Objects (if Daq is used in accordance with SQL Server).

Communication Drivers

Drivers for SMP, SMV, SMPQ, SMC and SIMON instruments over USB for a specific operating system are part of the installation of ENVIS applicationand are located in Drivers folder inside the installation location eg. 'C:\Program Files\KMB systems\ENVIS\Drivers'.

ENVIS - aplikace pro zpracování dat měření

  • Data acquisition and visualization of actual states, measurement of quantities etc.
  • Visualization of events, transient records, electricity meter readings, logs and other data.
  • Evaluation of power quality according to EN 50160.
  • Simple and automated reporting.
  • Remote configuration of instruments and counter reinitialization.
  • Archive management for measured data.
  • Support for multiple devices.