KM GPRS 101 Modem

KM GPRS 101KM GPRS 101 modem is a point-to-point communication instrument dedicatet to remot management and data acquisition of various supported instruments over the GPRS network. It works either as a  çlassical 'analog' GSM modem or as a TCP/IP connection over the GPRS protocol. it supports both static and dynamic IP address assignments. Modem is manufactured with either RS232 or RS485 local communication interface. Configuration and parameter setting could all be done by ENVIS and M-Set software tools.

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Supported Software

  • ENVIS - data acquisition, archivation and analysis software supports some features of the KM GPRS Modem. ENVIS.Daq allows remote management and download of the measured values from many our tools. 
  • M-Set - Modem configuration tool, is part of the ENVIS application suite