NEMO 101

Portable power quality analyser - 2 voltages (L-N, PE-N) input and 2 current inputs - nominal current rate can 16A.

NEMO 101 is a portable multifunctional power meter and power analyser with datalogger function. It is suitable for comfortable measurement of low voltage instruments directly in the outlet. The combined voltage/current probe is embedded in the plug and can measure up to 16 A current on phase and neutral wire.

NEMO 101 data logger can store months of typical measurements and it also records all disturbance data, log, electricity meter readings (load profiles) and other critically important information for electricians and power quality/energy efficiency professionals.

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Properties and parameters

  • 2 voltages (L-N,PE-N) inputs for measurement, separated power supply input
  • 2 current probes (I1, IN) embedded in a power supply plug
  • one input for PT 100 temperature sensor
  • power supply - external voltage 100-400 V AC, USB, battery
  • internal battery backed real time clock
  • 512 Mb internal non-volatile flash memory capacity
  • evaluates power quality according to EN 50 160
  • 128 s./period, configurable aggregation 200 ms - 2 hours
  • voltage and curent is sampled continuously
  • USB port for configuration and data acquisition, optionally WiFi module for local communication
  • Data analysis and management

  • ENVIS 1.1 supports all features of NEMO instruments
  • measures mean, maximal, minimal and other characteristics 
  • frequency, voltages, currents, flicker, unbalance as positive, negative and zero component
  • active, reactive and distortion power, power factors, cos phi, 
  • harmonic components (up to 63, including interharmonics and angles, THD)
  • records power quality events (dips, sags, swells)
  • records detailed event trends and oscillograms of the redefined events
  • Ordering Codes and Accessories

    NEMO 101 ordering codes and accessories are displayed in the following diagram. 

    Types and options of NEMO 101 analyser.

    Extension firmware modules

  • HDO module: NEMO data loggers can optionally record means signal (ripple control signal, RCS). This enables the instrument to record, decode and store known formats of such remote controll messages.
  • GO module: NEMO data loggers can optionally detect disturbances and record full oscilographic data of 4 voltages and 4 currents into the memory. Condition, pre-triger, length of record and the total capacity on the internal flash disk can be specified.
  • Typical wiring - schema

    Typical use case for the NEMO 101 power quality data logger.

    See: other data loggersENVIS 1.1 for data analysis, built-in meters and analysers.