Compact portable power quality analyser - modular design - measures up to 32 currents simultaneously - 10A-3000A nominal current (user defined)

SIMON PQ is a modular portable and ultra compact analyzer of power quality. In the basic package it is intended for continuous monitoring of four voltages and four currents (in three phase AC networks). The number of monitored currents can be extended up to the maximum of 32 multiplexed inputs. 

Compared to other SIMON class of instruments it can additionally evaluate flicker severity indexes and inter-harmonics. It records and  evaluates power quality according to EN 50160. It can also record detail on disturbances, defined by various conditions. Its ultra compact case with IP-65 protection level is making this monitor an ideal choice for measurements in rough and space limited environments.

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Charecteristics and Properties

  • 4 voltage inputs, 4-32 current inputs
  • logger is supplied from any measured voltage input; optionally voltage cable with additional 2 croco-clips for independent power supply connection
  • optional voltage cable for a wall socket mains measurement
  • continuous measurement of voltage, power quality processing (EN 50160, harmonics, flicker, sags, swells, event oscillograms etc.)
  • continuous measurement of currents/power/energy for up to 4 current inputs; for more than 4 current inputs processed non-continuous (switched) measurement
  • logger setting and data download via an USB interface (through the voltage connector); optional wireless Wifi inteface
  • record interval configurable from 200 ms up to 2 hours
  • internal memory for archives with capacity of 512 Mb
  • record capacity for months of unattended monitoring campaigns
  • acquisition and analysis of the archives in ENVIS software suite (basic version available freely)