SMY 33 analyzer

Panel measuring and registering instruments with internal archive, built-in electricity meter, optional remote communication

SMY 33 instruments are ideal for monitoring and recording (data logging) of voltages, currents, power factors, frequency, powers, harmonic distortion of voltage and current, energies etc in three-phase LV, HV, VHV grids. It can also measure and record temperature and state of its inputs and programmable relay outputs.

All measured values are stored in the instrument and can be later downloaded for processing via a remote communication line. ENVIS application supports SMY data acquisition and analysis. SMY 33 is compact instrument (96x96 mm), it has a bright LCD display and features meny user friendly wiews on the recorded data locally. 

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  • True root-mean-square values of voltage and current (TRMS)
  • Both true power factor (PF) and power factor of fundamental harmonics (cos fi)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion and harmonics of voltage and current up to the 25th order
  • Viewing actual values on the display and record into the memory of 1MB capacity
  • Two optional relay outputs with programmable function
  • Local RS-232 or remote RS-485 communication link
  • KMB and MODBUS communication protocol, ENVIS support
  • Device Types

    Feature Description

    These instruments are suitable for monitoring and recording voltages, currents, power factors, powers, electric energy, TDH, harmonic components and temperatures in low-, high-, possibly very-high-voltage three-phase mains.

    Up to three voltage inputs of nominal value up to 440 V AC, three fully isolated 1-ampere / 5-ampere AC current inputs (from measuring transformer outputs) and one resistor thermometer with a 4-20 mA output can be connected. Two relay outputs with programmable function can be used.

    Built-in real time counter can be synchronized through appropriate synchronization input. Two pulse outputs can be programmed for active or reactive power transmission. Data measured and recorded into the instrument memory can be visualized and further processed on PC after transfer through serial link (RS - 232, RS - 485).

    Communication Schema

    Communication Options and Data Acquisition

  • support for ENVIS aaplication suite for configuration, data acquisition and analysis
  • open and documented protocol with free data acquisition software
  • support for MODBUS RTU for simple integration with 3rd party SCADA software
  • built-in communication port for local data acquisition, configuration and firmware upgrades
  • optional remote communication over serial line (RS 232/485)
  • See: other built-in meters and analysers, portable analysers and data loggers, ENVIS 1.1 for data analysis.