SMD 118 AC/DC Analyser

SMC 144 Digital DC datalogger and DC analyser

Samples are available upon request.

SMD 118 is primarily a DC power analyzer with ability to also measure AC power. It is designed for remote or standalone supervision of loads and sources such as DC motors, convertors and chargers, photovoltaic systems, batteries and DC grids. It supports measurement of 1 voltage and up to 8 AC or DC currents/powers. It is developed with fast and simple installation on din rail in mind. With split core CT Hall sensors the installation can be performed without nescessary system decomissioning. Broad range of communication interfaces and protocols allows simple integration into the supervisor systems. Displayless design minimises the attention in places with general public access and minimises the risk of misconduct. SMD can be also PIN locked for improved data protection and security.

Inputs, outputs and communication interfaces can be extended by optional expansion modules. SMD analyser supportd M-Bus and Modbus protocols, Ethernet, WiFi, ZigBee, USB and the traditional RS 485 interface. SMD is a great component for any modern SCADA system. ENVIS v1.2+ supports configuration, data acquisition, archival and reporting of all the measurements collected with SMD 11x. In complex systems the instrument can be well supplemented by other components like SMC 144 and PA 144.

Typical wiring and mechanical dimensions

Typical wiring of the SMD 118

Typical wiring: The SMD analyser can supply up to two hall sensors from its internal source(left). If more wires / strings needs to be monitored an external power supply is required(right). Hall sensor supports both AC and DC loads.

Dimensions of the SMD 118

Mechanical dimensions: SMD 118 instrument is designed to simply fit on the standard DIN rail mount occupying 6 units.