SML 33 multimeter

Multi-functional 3 phase meters for panel, 96x96 mm

These instruments offers versatility and functionality in cost-effective and compact enclousure. It is designed to measure actual single- and three phase quantities in three phase networks such as line-to-line and phase voltages, currents, active and reactive powers, true power factor, THD for both voltage and current and senses the temperature inside a switchboard.

Instruments are optionally equipped with integrated remote communication via Ethernet or RS485. All quantities can be visualised, analysed and archived in ENVIS application on PC.

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  • true root-mean-square values of voltage and current (TRMS)
  • active and reactive power, four quadrant presentation in compliance with IEC375
  • both true power factor (PF) and power factor of fundamental harmonics (cos fi)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion and harmonics of voltage and current up to the 20. order
  • built-in temperature sensor
  • single-phase, two-phase, three-phase or Aron connection
  • direct or indirect (via voltage transformer) measured voltage connection
  • optional remote RS-485 or Ethernet communication line
  • support for ENVIS application, Modbus protocol
  • panel mounted (SML) or DIN-bar mounted (SMM) version
  • SMN additional features:

  • calcualtion and displaying of fourth current (PEN)
  • evaluation of maximum average 3-phase power
  • internal real time clock
  • SML 33 and SMM 33 instruments are electronically and functionally identical and its only difference is its mounting option. SML 33 is intended for a 96mm cut hole installation (in panel). SMM 33 is intended for a DIN rail mount.

    SMN 33 instruments supports additional features such as registration of maximum demand and fourth (PEN) current evaluation.

    Three voltages (230 VRMS and three isolated current inputs (5A and 1A nominal secondary current, supports measuring CTs) can be measured. Optionally the low current high ratio solid core and split core metering CTs can be ordered. The later option has an advantage in that its operation is much simpler and the measured circuit need not be interrupted during installation.

    Data Acquisition and Processing

    SMM, SMN and SML instruments can optionally be equipped with a remote communication port (RS485, RS232 or Ethernet). As such it can be connected to any SCADA software with Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU protocol support. ENVIS software is supported and can be used to configure the instrument, to read out actual data from connected instruments. It stores them in archive or database and creates reports and analysis.

    Ordering Codes & Accessories

    SML, SMM, SMN - Ordering information

    See: other built-in meters and analysers, portable analysers and data loggers, ENVIS 1.1 for data analysis.