Portable power quality analysers - with graphic dipsplay, large internal memory, builtin electricity meters - simple installation and current measurement with flexible CTs

Analysers of electric network parameters SMP-BX 300, SMP-BX 340, SMPQ-BX 300 and SMPQ-BX 340 are a measuring and data logging instruments for single- and three phase low voltage (up to 230/400 VAC) distribution networks in substations, switchgear boxes, power cubicles or directly at the consumers premises such as smart buildings, hospitals, industrial infrastructures etc.

Core of the instrument is a standard SMP or SMPQ -F analyzer. Its features and functions closely corresponds to the -BX enclosure version. Another portable instrument with different enclosure is SMP-CA

SMP-BX 300 and SMPQ-BX 300 are a three phase voltmeters (does not measure UN). SMP-BX 340 resp. SMPQ-BX 340 are additionally equipped with 4 current inputs. It supports measurement of currents up to 3000AAC with a flexible Rogowski coil current probe. This instrument measures  4 currents, single and three phase powers, power factors and electrical energy.

SMPQ-BX instruments are a fully featured power quality analysers with support for interharmonics, flicker indices (Pst,Plt), record of voltage events and weekly power quality evaluations according to EN 50160.

  1. Specifications
  3. Ordering
  4. Software
  5. Firmware options

Measurement Principles

  • three voltage inputs 
  • version 340: four current inputs for B3000/B1000/B300 flexible CTs
  • measures single- and three phase networks with Unom up to 230 V
  • voltage measured directly or via voltage transformers (VT)
  • signal sampling 1280 s/10 periods, continuous measuring with period ~200 ms at 50 Hz
  • evaluation of power network parameters in class S according to the IEC 61000-4-30 ed. 2
  • evaluation of harmonics up to 64th order according to IEC 61000-4-7 ed.2
  • calculates average, maximal and minimal values with a timestamp
  • SMPQ measures flicker (IEC 61000-4-15), interharmonics and power quality (EN 50160 ed. 3)
  • Data Logger Features

  • large internal memory - up to 512 Mb for data logging.
  • detailed daily profile archives - for a preset day and for a day with maximal demand
  • aggregation interval from 0,2 second up to 24 hours
  • USB port for fast local communication 
  • application ENVIS: for data acquisition, configuration and archive management
  • optional archive of under- and over-voltages and voltage interruptions (firmware module VE)
  • optional ripple control signal archive RCS (firmware module RCS)
  • optional archive of oscillograms/waveforms (firmware module GO)
  • Electricity meter (only for "340" instruments) 

  • measurement of electrical energy in four quadrants, up top three tariffs 
  • single phase and three phase readings and energy registers
  • records maximal demand power
  • automatic meter reading (archive) with configurable intervals
  • HADES SMP 304 Scema zapojeni a rozmery 

    Types of the instrument

    Ordering codes: SMP and SMPQ-bx

    Supported Bxxx Flexible Current Probes

    Bxxx Flexible CT: Supported flexible current probes.

    ENVIS application suite provides all features for basic instrument management (configuration, supervision, fw update). It also downloads and archives data from all the supported instruments. import/export, data analysis and advanced reporting of the records is also provided. ENVIS is available free of charge to be used with all our instruments.

    Typická instalace aplikace ENVIS

    ENVIS.Online system service can be used to implement complex power quality monitoring and/or energy efficienci control and monitoring systems. By using email,  SMS or SNMP all registered users and administrators can be warned upon exeptional situations, malfunction of supply or monitored instruments or it can be used to post periodical analysis/reports.

    Additional plugin modules can also add special features or customizations to booth ENVIS and ENVIS.Online in a modular manner. 

    Typical installation of ENVIS


    Optional firmware modules

    Voltage and power event cycle data logger module.
  • Ripple Control (Mains) Signals - RCS Module: for measurement, recording and analysis of a ripple control signal. Several formats of the telegram are also supported for decoding.
  • Voltage Events - VE Module: for recording and evaluation of voltage events (SMVQ & SMPQ does include this feature in its default configuration).
  • General Oscillograms - GO module: for detection and precise recording of various waveform distortions. This module records the so called oscillograms of voltages and currents in extended detail, capacity and trigger options into the flash memory.
  • Modbus Master - MM module: in supported instruments with memory it activates new option to record Modbus data from connected slave devices. It can work as a datalogger to NOVAR PFCs as well as to local sub-meters or other Modbus sensors.
  • See: other data loggersENVIS 1.1 for data analysisbuilt-in meters and analysers.