Portable power quality analyzer - based on the SMY 133 power quality analyser, in robust plastic case for simple and secure transport, supports flexible Rogovski coil CTs

SMY-CA power quality analyzer is a versatile measuring and data logging instrument for many different applications. It can be used for temporary monitoring in substations and transformer stations, all different types of low voltage switchgear boxes or to directly analyse consumers appliances such as lighting, drives or PFC compendsation systems.

Core functionaluity of the set is performed by an embedded SMY 133 panel instrument built in a robust water proof plastic housing. Measured quantities are displayed live on large colorful screen for simple tasks and measurement setup check. 

Standard set contains measutring cables with croco-clips, power cord and USB communication cable. For detail list of optional accessories such as RCTs, Ethernet cable and other parts see the user manual.

  1. Specifications
  3. Software
  4. Firmware options

Key features

  • advanced portable power quality analyzer
  • based on SMY 133 instrument built-in robust plastic case
  • continuous measurement of three voltage and current inputs
  • flexible Rogowski coil current sensors (up to 3000 A)
  • embedded four-quadrant three-phase three tariff active and reactive electricity meter
  • class S power monitoring according to the international standard IEC 61000-4-30, ed. 3.
  • continuous power quality evaluation according to EN 50160 (SMPQ)
  • built-in USB 2.0 communication port
  • remote 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port (water proof RJ-45)
  • Typical wiring and dimensions

    typical wiring and dimensions of SMY-CA

    ENVIS application suite provides all features for basic instrument management (configuration, supervision, fw update). It also downloads and archives data from all the supported instruments. import/export, data analysis and advanced reporting of the records is also provided. ENVIS is available free of charge to be used with all our instruments.

    Typická instalace aplikace ENVIS

    ENVIS.Online system service can be used to implement complex power quality monitoring and/or energy efficienci control and monitoring systems. By using email,  SMS or SNMP all registered users and administrators can be warned upon exeptional situations, malfunction of supply or monitored instruments or it can be used to post periodical analysis/reports.

    Additional plugin modules can also add special features or customizations to booth ENVIS and ENVIS.Online in a modular manner. 

    Typical installation of ENVIS


    Optional firmware modules

    Voltage and power event cycle data logger module.
  • Ripple Control (Mains) Signals - RCS Module: for measurement, recording and analysis of a ripple control signal. Several formats of the telegram are also supported for decoding.
  • Voltage Events - VE Module: for recording and evaluation of voltage events (SMVQ & SMPQ does include this feature in its default configuration).
  • General Oscillograms - GO module: for detection and precise recording of various waveform distortions. This module records the so called oscillograms of voltages and currents in extended detail, capacity and trigger options into the flash memory.
  • Modbus Master - MM module: in supported instruments with memory it activates new option to record Modbus data from connected slave devices. It can work as a datalogger to NOVAR PFCs as well as to local sub-meters or other Modbus sensors.
  • See: other data loggersENVIS 1.1 for data analysisbuilt-in meters and analysers.