NOVAR 1312 (fast)

For fast thyristor switching compensation, 12+2 thyristor outputs, improved sensitivity

NOVAR 1312 and NOVAR 1312-3 Real Time Power Factor Compensation (RTPFC) is designed for compensation systems where conventional governors with relay outputs to control circuit breakers do not meet special requirements. These are usually systems where rapid frequent changes in reactive power take place or systems with strict requirements on electromagnetic noise suppression and power quality.

The governor allows up to 25 control interventions per second. Together with KATKA thyristor switching modules, it provides optimal real time control of compensation cabinets.

Typical applications: real time compensation, thyristor switched capacitors (TSC) and thyristor switched reactors (TSR), combined compensation systems with combination of fast thyristor modules and classic mechanical relays.

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  • fast real time controller - up to 25 control operations per second
  • panel 144 x 144 mm
  • Minimum current sensitivity 2 mA
  • 12 transistor + 2 relay output + alarm relay
  • suitable also for combined (mixed) thyristor/contactor compensation systems
  • temperature and fan/heater control
  • optional RS-485 serial line or Ethernet (KMB and Modbus/TCP protocols)
  • NOVAR 1312-3 differs in that it has three current inputs and process sum of all three phase current signals. Therefore, it allows fast compensation according three-phase power factor.

    Typical wiring of the real-time NOVAR 1312

    Typical wiring of the NOVAR 1312 real time (fast) controller.

    Thyristor Switches KATKA

    Optional accessories

    • NGS98 - flexible shield to improve IP protection of controllers front panel, 144x144 mm.
    • RS-485 optional communication interface(s)
    • Ethernet optional communication interface(s)
    • KM-GPRS: external GPRS modem

    Accessories for Compensation Systems

    We also offer the complete complementary assortment of accessories - capacitors and capacitor banks, detuned filter reactors, shunt reactors, measuring, isolation and supply transformers, contactors and thyristor switching modules (SSR). 

    Range of capacitors for LV, MV and HV applications in capacitor banks and other.
    Detuned filter reactors, shunt reactors, measuring, isolation and supply transformers and transformers for medical applications.
    Current Transformers
    Voltage and current measuring transformers for LV, MV and HV applications of various types and transformer ratio.
    Contactors and thyristor switching modules.

    Detailed information available upon request.

    ENVIS application suite provides all features for basic instrument management (configuration, supervision, fw update). It also downloads and archives data from all the supported instruments. import/export, data analysis and advanced reporting of the records is also provided. ENVIS is available free of charge to be used with all our instruments.

    Typická instalace aplikace ENVIS

    ENVIS.Online system service can be used to implement complex power quality monitoring and/or energy efficienci control and monitoring systems. By using email,  SMS or SNMP all registered users and administrators can be warned upon exeptional situations, malfunction of supply or monitored instruments or it can be used to post periodical analysis/reports.

    Additional plugin modules can also add special features or customizations to booth ENVIS and ENVIS.Online in a modular manner. 

    Typical installation of ENVIS