NOVAR 1005, 1007

Basic and compact type of fully automatic power factor controller

NOVAR 1005 and NOVAR 1007 power factor controllers are enhanced successors of very popular compact NOVAR 5 controller. These new models are primarily intended for smaller and less demanding applications with budgetary constraints. Nevertheless most of functions and features are similar to the NOVAR 1114 type.

Both are fully automatic and do not need any configuration in typical setup. Control and step selection is performed wisely to increase the over all lifetime of the PFC system. The current sensitivity is improved in this inovated line to 20mA  so the controller can handle low load scenarios better. The NOVAR 1005 controller if fully backward compatible with the NOVAR 5 model (terminal, wiring). Furthermore, the NOVAR 1007 has up to 8 output relays. In both models the temperature control function can be used for one relay to provide cooling or heating of the cabinet.

DIN-rail mountable version of this controller is also available under the type D specification - NOVAR 1005D resp. NOVAR 1007D.

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  4. Accessories


  • NOVAR 1005D, 1007D: DIN-rail mountable APFC, size 105x90 mm
  • NOVAR 1005, 1007: panel mount version, size 96x96 mm
  • 6 or 8 controll outputs (NOVAR 1005 resp. 1007)
  • current measurement sensitivity 20 mA
  • automatic setup recognition, simple configuration
  • smart step selection algorithm to improve system lifetime
  • high current and power factor measurement accuracy
  • precise measurement and control functions under voltage or current distortion
  • evaluation of total harmonic distortion (THD) level by up to the 19-th harmonic
  • evaluation of current harmonic load for capacitor protection
  • built-in temperature sensor
  • optional alarm or cooling/heating control relay

Combined schema of compensation/decompensation with NOVAR 1007

NOVAR 1007 with compensation/decompensation steps.

Ordering Codes

Ordering codes for NOVAR 1005, 1005D, 1007, 1007D.

Optional accessories

  • NGS96 - front panel IP 65 protection/flexible shield, 96x96 mm.

Accessories for Compensation Systems

We also offer the complete complementary assortment of accessories - capacitors and capacitor banks, detuned filter reactors, shunt reactors, measuring, isolation and supply transformers, contactors and thyristor switching modules (SSR). 

Range of capacitors for LV, MV and HV applications in capacitor banks and other.
Detuned filter reactors, shunt reactors, measuring, isolation and supply transformers and transformers for medical applications.
Current Transformers
Voltage and current measuring transformers for LV, MV and HV applications of various types and transformer ratio.
Contactors and thyristor switching modules.

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