NOVAR 1414 3-p basic

NOVAR 1414 power factor controller is designed for power correction applications with variable assymetrical loads. It separately measures currents in all three phases and evaluates a precise three-phase power factor. This value is used for the section control algorithm to find more optimal solution.

The design is based on the NOVAR 1214 model - the two additional current measuring inputs and the related improvement of calculation of the 3PF is the only significant difference.



  • for 144x144 mm panel mounting
  • excelent 2 mA current sensitivity
  • offers 6 or 14 relay outputs + alarm relay
  • measures currents in all three phases
  • improved measurement of three-phase power factor in unbalanced condition
  • controls 3-phase compensation capacitors and decompensation reactors
  • panel mount enclosure for 144x144 mm hole
  • heater/fan/cooler control output
  • internal temperature sensor
  • communication interface (optional) - RS-485 or Ethernet
  • support for ENVIS and ENVIS.Online software suite
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