NRC 86 remote PFC

The NRC 86 remote PF controller is designed for applications with the need for remote control of the target power factor. Photovoltaic power stations connected to distribution networks are one typical example of such instalation. These PVE are sometimes required (by regulators) to control or condition target powef factor through the given pulse input. The NRC module and NOVAR 1xxx NRC  can together deliver such a functionality. 


Typical Application

Remotely Controlled Power Factor Compensation Systems - Five pulse signals are connected to the NRC 86-85 24 VDC controller. As soon as a correct pulse on any of inputs is detected, it is interpreted as new serial number of target power factor corresponding to the input. The number is saved and an appropriate output is switched on. NOVAR 1xxx NRC controller (or several connected controllers) is paired with the NRC 86-85 24 VDC remote controller through a serial communication link. The NOVAR periodically reads the target power factor value from the controller and it controls the real power factor to this value.

Remote Controlled Outputs Compensation Systems - The NRC 86-07 230 VAC controller in combination with the NOVAR 1xxx NRC power factor controller can be used for remote controlled outputs compensation systems. In practice, there may be cases where compensation capacitors must be placed at great distance from the measuring current transformer (CT). Since the maximum length of the wires to the CT is limited due to the limited maximum loop impedance, in some cases the power factor controller cannot be installed in a switchboard with capacitors but at the measurement point near the CT. If there exists a suitable communication channel (cable or other media) between the points, the NRC 86-07 230 VAC remote controller can be used for driving the capacitor contactors.

Ordering Codes

Ordering codes for NOVAR NRC