NOVAR 2418 3-p apfcr

NOVAR 2618 High class three phase APFC with internal memory option.

NOVAR 2418 (and NOVAR 2407, 2409, 2416) represents basic type of a new product line of three phase APFCR with advanced functions and parameters. It has compact enclosure and large bright segment LCD display. All important run-time information is available directly on its screen. High contrast and active back lit provides great readability in all possible light conditions.

This PFC builds on an innovated hardware and firmware platform with continual high accuracy measurement of all network parameters and energy. It also includes complete digital power monitor and precise four-quadrant electricity meterIt is fully automatic and it has a simple installation. Up to 18 relay outputs can control combinations of single-, two and three-phase compensation steps with compensation capacitors and de-compensation reactors. 

Optional remote communication line offers RS-485 or Ethernet. These interfaces allows the controller to be fully supervised and managed from remote ENVIS application. It also supports ModBus RTU and ModBus TCP so integration with common SCADA systems is straightforward.

Typical applications: power factor correction in three phase unbalanced networks, for systems with higher precision requirements, of to compensate frequent load changes (18 steps)

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  5. Accessories

Key features

  • measures power factor and other quantities in each line separately
  • automatic control of power factor independently in each phase
  • unlimited support for single-, two- and three-phase capacitors and chokes
  • NOVAR 2418 up to 18 output sections, relay or solid-state
    • optionally NOVAR 2409, NOVAR 2407 and NOVAR 2416, last two with digital input
  • combined mains compensation & decompensation capability (booth capacitors and reactors)
  • 144x144 mm plastic enclosure for panel mounting with large segment LCD display
  • RS-485 and Ethernet communication options
  • embedded four quadrant electricity meter with TOU and power meter (class 0.5)
  • continuous measurement, 128 s./period, 10 periods (200 ms) sampling interval

Sample Screens

Sample schema of a three-phase compensation with NOVAR 2418 a NOVAR 2618

NOVAR 2418 and NOVAR 2618 in LV 3-p compensation.

Ordering codes and options

NOVAR 2418 ordering codes

ENVIS application suite provides all features for basic instrument management (configuration, supervision, fw update). It also downloads and archives data from all the supported instruments. import/export, data analysis and advanced reporting of the records is also provided. ENVIS is available free of charge to be used with all our instruments.

Typická instalace aplikace ENVIS

ENVIS.Online system service can be used to implement complex power quality monitoring and/or energy efficienci control and monitoring systems. By using email,  SMS or SNMP all registered users and administrators can be warned upon exeptional situations, malfunction of supply or monitored instruments or it can be used to post periodical analysis/reports.

Additional plugin modules can also add special features or customizations to booth ENVIS and ENVIS.Online in a modular manner. 

Typical installation of ENVIS


Optional accessories

  • NGS98 - front panel IP 65 protection - flexible shield to improve IP protection in panels, 144x144 mm.
  • RS-485 optional communication interface(s)
  • Ethernet optional communication interface(s)
  • KM-GPRS: external GPRS modem

Accessories for Compensation Systems

We also offer the complete complementary assortment of accessories - capacitors and capacitor banks, detuned filter reactors, shunt reactors, measuring, isolation and supply transformers, contactors and thyristor switching modules (SSR). 

Range of capacitors for LV, MV and HV applications in capacitor banks and other.
Detuned filter reactors, shunt reactors, measuring, isolation and supply transformers and transformers for medical applications.
Current Transformers
Voltage and current measuring transformers for LV, MV and HV applications of various types and transformer ratio.
Contactors and thyristor switching modules.

Detailed information upon request.