ENVIS ver. 1.2

ENVIS Software

ENVIS software is a management software for energy efficiency and power quality monitoring. It retrieves, stores and analyses the recorded information from measuring instruments and analyzers. It includes visualisation and basic predefined reporting features. Additional functions can be added via its plugin feature.

Data are archived into a compressed CEA file or into the SQL database. For further manual processing in spreadsheet software such as EXCEL it can be exported to its standard format (XML, CSV). 

The ENVIS.Daq is also a basic tool for configuration, management and data acquisition. The software provides on-line presentation of the actual device status and allows for simple and comfortable visualization and analysis of the archived historical data.

ENVIS.Online can be further configured to perform automated data downloads and analysis on-the-go.

  2. Package contents
  3. Specifications
  4. Version history

The ENVIS installation package contains several apps:

The ENVIS is used for processing and manual analysis of the archived measurements - records can be displayed in graphs and tables, or processed into the predefined reports. Applications in the basic package are available for free with each purchased device.

The ENVIS.Daq is used to set up and manage the instruments. it can also display actual measurements and status. Data can be downloaded to a binary file, exported to xml/csv or stored directly in the SQL database. Daq can be run from the device list or menu within an ENVIS application, or it can be used separately.

ENVIS.Online is a system service that regularly downloads data from the connected devices and stores them in a SQl database. Consequently it creates and distributes customized reports based on the data acquired. It supports KMB instruments with archive memory as well as other simpler meters, power factor controllers and other source of data. 3-rd party instruments with Modbus or M-bus interface can be also handled.

UpgradeTool is used to update the firmware of supported devices.

M-Set is a utility for custom configuring and managing KM-GPRS modems together with our instruments.

Key features

  • automated meter and analyzer reading
  • simplified instrument localization and configuration
  • efficient utilization of storage capacity
  • fast user interface, able to handle large scale data
  • energy management and energy efficiency evaluation
  • power quality data evaluation and reporting
  • supports MS SQL and file storage
  • exports data to common spreadsheet formats for further analysis
  • supports Windows 7 and higher, .NET version 2.0
ENVIS - application for power quality EN50160 evaluation and energy management.

Important news in version 1.2:

  • simplified the navigation panel - The Dashboard
  • supports power quality analyzer ARTIQ 144
  • supports devices SMY and SMZ 133, SMC 133 and 144, PA...
  • supports NOVAR 26 and NOVAR 24
  • added support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • contains signed driver for Windows 7+
  • added support for SQL Server 2012 and 2014
  • improvements in performance

Version 1.1 contains:

  • supports IEEE 1159.3: PQDIF format for power quality data exchange
  • extensibility through plug-ins has been introduced
  • advanced options for report generation
  • ENVIS.Online supports email and sms alarms
  • reactive power regulator NOVAR are supported
  • adds support for SMC and NEMO class S power quality analysers

Version 1.0 contains:

  • supports built-in instruments SMV, SMP, SMPQ, SMY 33 and SMZ 33.
  • supports portable analyzer SIMON 341 PLUS, SIMON PQ.
  • support for SML, SMM and SMN, Novar 1xxx and 3rd party meters with Modbus or M-Bus.
  • supports communication modules KM-GPRS and ES101
  • system Service ENVIS.Online including evaluation licenses for 2 supported devices
  • basic visualization of archives in charts with basic features for analysis and report creation.
  • application performance significantly improved since version 0.9, optimalization of the data files and database structure, direct support for retrieving data from CEA file.