Plugins for ENVIS

Plugins for ENVIS can be used to extend functions and features of common ENVIS application in a modular way.

Plugin setup

Plugins are used to add new new features or adjust the apearance and functionaliity of the existing ones. Following are some examples of ready made plugins. KMB systems is also offering development of new custom specified features upon your request. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions and special requirements.

PQDIF: Exporting data ScatterPlot example

Plugins for graphical analysis

Histogram.eplug and ScatterPlot.eplug plugins extend the visualisation and analysis capabilities of ENVIS application. this two plugins especially target large data set analysis and provide its quick and brief overview.

PQDIF: Exporting data PQDIF: Exporting data - choose output

Data import and export 

The PQDIF plugin adds a new format to the list of supported export file types. The Power Quality Data Interchange Format (PQDIF) is defined by the IEEE 1159.3 PQDIF Task Force and is the only de facto standard for broader interchange of archived power quality data. The PQDIF plugin has too parts. the first one extends export features of ENVIS application as can be seen on the following screenshots. The second part extends ENVIS.Online with a new option for periodical exports - with PQDIF plugin the data can be exported by ENVIS.Online also to pqdif files. 

ENVIS.Online: windows gadgets

Plugins for extended reporting

These plugins extends features of the basic ENVIS installation with additional reporting functions. Propably the most useful plugin is EOnlineReports plugin. Its new feature is the ability to distribute periodical reports from ENVIS.Online system service. This is typically used to report on the state of the system to a given set of responsible personel. Different time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly...) and different data sources can be specified for each user. EOnlineGadgets alows the system Windows gadgets to be used to display actual state of instruments monitored by ENVIS.Online.

 PQEventsReport, PQTrendOscillogram and RVCReport extends the basic ENVIS application reporting engine with additional report type. Its output works on voltage event record data and provides its statistical analysis.