Fw. Extension Modules

firmware extension modules - with the specific module user also activates certain additional functionality inside the instrument. For activation code for each given instrument please contact the supplier of your unit or enquiry directly our sales department.

Power Quality PQ-S, PQ-A

SMY 133, SMC 133/144 and ARTIQ with PQ module enabled do measure the power quality indices as required by EN 50160. It enables specific features in the power analyser required for the PQ monitoring: Flicker indices, interharmonics and voltage events as defined in EN 50160, IEC EN 61000-4-30, -4-7  and -4-15. This module also activates secondary archive - the PQ Main Archive, which contains aggregated value readings in the required interval. Module also adds an archive of voltage events - the PQ Event Archive - which contains time  start/end and extremal value of every recorded voltage fluctuation.

Ripple Control Signals Module

The RCS module (also known as HDO, mains voltage or signalling voltage) activates an ability to detect, evaluate, decode and store various ripple control signals on the moniteroed power network. It uses precise measurement and supports common Ricontig and ZPA formats. Signalling frequency can be specified manually. Signals get decoded and archived in the internal memory. On isntruments with display the signal level can be also displayed live.

Voltage and power event cycle data logger module.

General Oscillogram Module

This module extends the ability of SMC, SMV, SMP, SMPQ and NEMO instruments to record detailed oscilographic events into internal memory. 

HDO/RCS ripple controll signal analyser module.

Modbus Master Module 

This firmware extension adds capability to read out and record Modbus registers from slave units in the memory of instruments which do support it. Simply it allows to store locally data from simpler memory less devices connected on the slave RS 485 bus. This module allows creation of complex monitoring and control systems by using small and relatively simple buidling blocks.

By using this module you can con gure the instrument to read any Modbus registers from any instruments of any manufacturer connected to it's RS-485 line. Downloaded values are stored into it's memory including an actual timpestamp. Archived readings can be downloaded into a CEA file or to the SQL database with ENVIS.Daq or Online. All archived Modbus readings can be analysed and visualised in ENVIS - users can create graphs, tables, reports and other out of these archive readings. It's also possible to collect data from electric-, water- and gas-meters, power factor controlles (we used NOVAR for testing), HVAC, GPS, weather and any other device supporting Modbus.

Module to record readings from connected slave Modbus instruments.

Ethernet-to-Serial Module

The ES module uses device with multiple communication ports as a remote communication hub between Ethernet and the slave devices connected on one or more RS 485 channels. Trafic from Ethernet is forwarded to the specific instruments and back in a transparent manner, which simplifies the overall system complexity.

Voltage Events Recorder Module

The VE module adds an ability to record voltage events (sags, swells, dips, power outages) to supported instruments. In SMC 144 it enables the PQ Event archive. In SMV and SMP it activates PQ Event, PQ Event Trend and PQ Oscillograms. Voltage events are triggered by out of allowed range of the rms values of voltage during a single period, updated every half cycle and starting at the voltage zero crossing.